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We will exceed your expectations. We want a relationship with you forever, not just the first service. Luxury has a 98% customer retention rate. We work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep it. We will continue to WOW you day in and day out.


 We think Customer!!
       We WOW !!!!!!!!!!        
      We Believe in people       
We are honest
We have positive attitudes
we are cost conscious
we are a team
we move fast
we lead by example
we accept change
we have passion and purpose in all we do 
we communicate


Here at LUXURY we offer a variety of different serivces.

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Carpet Cleaning 

Wash the allergens, dust out of the biggest air filter in your home or business (your carpet!) Your Carpet will be CLEANER Our two-step cleaning process takes out more dirt. We pretreat with dwell time and then extract. Your carpets will be SOFTER! We bring our own very soft water to clean with. Your carpet will be DRYER! We take an extra dry stroke and dry the carpet with an industrial strength fan. Your carpet will be SAFE! Our environmentally friendly cleaning agents make sure your carpets are safe and smell good. IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians.

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Vinyl & Terrazzo Title Refinshing 

We use the maximum amount of hardness in our floor finish. We also apply the maximum amount of coats. Ensuring your floors shine longer than ever before!!! Edges will be perfectly clean. Baseboards are additional and highly recommended as they add to the brilliance. Please be sure to only use Neutral cleaning agent for wet mopping floors with a finish. The cleaners you buy at local supermarkets will remove the floor finish over time. It is also advised that you keep dust and dirt off of finish as often as you can using a clean and treated dust mop.

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Ceramic Tile

We have tile and grout cleaning specific equipment to get Your tile sparkling again. Our difference in tile and grout cleaning resides mainly our "problem solving" and "work harder" initiatives. Our chemical knowledge also lends us a huge advantage. Ceramic Tile and Grout can be tricky to perfect.You'll be super glad you choose LUXURY

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Luxury hires only experienced hard floor professionals. Currently our two hard floor experts have a combined 60 years of experience. Luxury will remove all old wax, dirt, and grim build up with a professional floor scrubber. Then once old wax is removed Luxury management will inspect flooring before any wax is put down, ensuring a top quality stripping was performed. Next 5 to 6 coats of wax will be applied, creating the best shine you'll ever see on your floors. Once the wax is dry Luxury will reset your room(s) for you.

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Office Cleaning

You get more Quality Management with LUXURY. Our Quality Managers visit your buildings more frequently than our competition. We discovered this after 21 years of clients switching over to us. We are constantly striving towards perfection. You Will Get The Best People.

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At LUXURY We think the customers are always right. No questions asked, guaranteed. 24 hour response time to complaints. Love people. Believe they are good. Be nice & joyful. Treat with respect. Have empathy. Build social value. Give many compliments. Honesty, Integrity, Authentic, Genuine, be open. Do the right thing. The best people. Fun. Have empathy. Positive attitude is everything!5. Excellence, WOW, continuous improvement, out preform, Exceptional quality. Focus on Impact. Be bold, great just isn’t good enough. Efficient. Move Fast. Cost conscious. Value low cost. Teamwork. Leadership by example. Accountability: if it’s to be, it is up to me! Growth and Change. Passion and service matters! Communication, Communication, Communication: take ownership!

Chris Town


John Purchase

General Manager

Jenna Wood

Human Resources Manager

Kelly Bricker

Administrative Assistant

Angie Walch

Daytime Manager

Dottie Tomlinson

Grand Rapids Manager

Deb Chartier

Ionia Manager

Mary Abbott

Greenville Manager

Shawn Jansma

Carpet Tech

Cheryl Derr

Northern Manager

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