Luxury Janitorial

Professional , punctual, polite and did a great job will definitely call them for all my carpet needs definitely recommend this business
RaeAnn Getts
Efficient, friendly, and good quality
Allie Rish
Today my carpets were cleaned by luxury carpet the gentleman who cleaned them did a wonderful job and respectful. My carpet looks brand new.
Rachel Heath
I found out Friday Tht I made employee of the month... I work hard and it shows.. Thank you John, Jenna, and Dotty for nominating me... I greatly appreciate it... I love my job, my buildings (and my adopted buildings tht I fill in for), and the management ... Thank you so much and I'll continue to do my very more
Tracie Joanne Bovee-Tomlinson
I Love being a part of the Luxury Family, and working with the greatest co-workers for sure. I always have awesome crews working in my area. Anyone wanting the perfect part time job, can't get any closer to that than with Luxury.
Deborah McLeod Rios Chartier
I loved working for Luxury! It was a second job for me. Everyone was so welcoming from the day I started until my last day, and after. I would have loved to stay, but with a full time day job and a very busy family I had to take a break. One day, I hope to be back. Very great place to work for! 🙂read more
Trisha Phelps
I Enjoy Working For Luxury. I Have Met Some Very Nice People.
Brenda Brown
they did a great job on my carpet! It was terribly dirty, also there were stains that were here from when I moved in 5 years ago! They were able to get most of them out! The staff did a great job and the owner stopped by to make sure things were going well. Would highly recommend this company!read more
Becky J. Allen
I love working for luxury. From the moment i walked through the door for my first interview, i felt comfortable and a part of the luxury family. I couldnt ask for a better place to work.
Dottie Tomlinson McLellan
Today my carpets were cleaned by luxury carpet the gentleman who cleaned them did a wonderful job and much more. I am a business owner of an adult foster care so when luxury came in this morning on time he was very respectable of the residents and informed us on all of the safety issues while he was shampooing. There was one bedroom that needed to be addressed due to personal issues and the gentleman made sure he addressed them to me, but he made sure it was in private because he didn't want the resident to hear him and hurt his dignity. He well educated about carpet and he was able to answer all my questionsread more
Shannon May
Wish I can go back to this job I miss it to much... Bob I really would love to come back.
Anita Vinson
Like it would love to be a part of the team where can a guy sign up
Jessica Marr






Kelly Bricker
Administrative Assistant
Angie Walch
Daytime Manager

My name is Angie Walch. I have been with Luxury for 1 year 4 months. I was a cleaner for 8 months in the evening, before being offered a daytime management position. I started out with 18 hours a week before I found myself filling in at other locations, where help was needed getting more hours. I am happy that I was offered a management position because not only have I gained some new friends/co-workers I am able to work in the public with people. Luxury is a great place to work not only because I like what I do but the other co-workers are awesome! It feels great to like your job and wanting to go to work!

Cheryl Derr
Northern Manager

My name is Cheryl Derr, Luxury Janitorial's Quality Manager for small towns, cities and villages across the northern area. I started working for Luxury in 2012 cleaning one building for 20 hours a week. I gradually added buildings and hours until I was almost doing 40 hours a week. That's a lot of cleaning! When Luxury's growth opened up a position on their management team, I was promoted to represent the Great North. It has been rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. Its always great to go visit my buildings and to see and work with the cleaners. They are a big part of what makes Luxury great. I know I will enjoy many more years being a part of the Luxury Team!

Deb Chartier
Ionia Manager

Hello, my name is Deb Chartier, I am the Ionia area Quality Manager. I first joined the Luxury Family in 2002 as a second job. My husband worked nights and still does and I needed something to occupy my time, it soon became my hobby for I loved it so much. I started cleaning one building a few nights a week and eventually added more to my schedule. After 6 years of being a cleaner, I received guardianship of my 14-year-old niece, so I gave up my second job/hobby to be with her. After my niece had grown and gone on to her own life, I returned to Luxury as a Quality Manager in 2015. I enjoy being the Quality Manager with a great cleaning crew for the Ionia and surrounding areas. I enjoy the challenge and find it very rewarding. I love working for Luxury, with all the great team members we have, which all take pride in how we clean our buildings. I would love to grow in my area!

Mary Abbott
Greenville Manager

My name is Mary Abbott, I am the Quality Manager for Greenville/Belding area. I started working for "Luxury Janitorial" when it was called "Squeaky Clean", 20 years ago. I started as a fill-in, I would go clean a building when someone was sick or just had the day off. Around nine years ago a position opened up for a Quality Manager, and I got the job. At that time I was still working days in a doctor's office and I would go out and work for Luxury at night. Two years ago I retired from my daytime job and work solely for Luxury Janitorial. I have been so blessed over the years to have worked with so many cleaners that I am proud to say I call my friends. I respect their hard work and dedication. They go to work when its 90 degree's and when its 8 below zero. I have had housewives that want to work to help with their families expenses, college students working their way through college, and many that work two jobs, also young students still going to high school, so inspiring. I am so proud to work for a company that has been in business for more than twenty years and treats their employee's with respect and value.

Chris Town
Donneen Helms
Lansing Manager
John Purchase
General Manager
Shamiel Sanders
Grand Rapids North Manager
Jenna Wood
Human Resources Manager
Shawn Jansma
Carpet Tech
Tracie Tomlinson
Grand Rapids South Manager